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Our Night SkyA close look at our monthly night sky.

A Green Space A Green Earth

A Green Space - A Green Earth. Earth observation from Space.


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Learn what Astronomers are learning with The Astronomer's Universe.


Astrocast.TV is proud to be a Media Partner with the International Year of Astronomy 2009

About Us

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About Astrocast.TV


Astrocast.TV is a Web based video News program covering events in the science of Astronomy. Astrocast.TV  the first of its kind Newscast in a visually rich format is a Public and Educational outreach. 

Bente Lilja Bye is an astrophysicist and earth science expert living in Norway. Her dedication to observing planet Earth from space offers Astrocast.TV viewers a fascinating look into our dynamic planet and its restless pulsating changes in A Green Space - A Green Earth.

Carolyn Collins Petersen Host of The Astronomer's Universe is also vice-president of Loch Ness Productions, a unique multimedia production company specializing in cosmically creative science content. An award-winning science writer with six books, 40 documentary scripts, and countless magazine articles to her credit.

Executive Producer Richard Mathews said the Astrocast team wanted to share their knowledge and experience so that many who view this program gain a better understanding of Astronomy.


  • To provide this service as an Educational Outreach to members of the world wide viewing public.
  • To inform and educate viewers about Astronomy News and events.
  • Provide insight into how the science of Astronomy may impact our lives.
  • Present Astonomy News in a visually rich and comprehensive format.

“Star gazing isn’t only exciting, but it’s about seeing both the past and our future” exclaims Mathews, “I want to send a message and have people look at life here on Earth from literally another point of view.” 

Astrocast.TV is the recipient of 3 Silver and 3 bronze awards for excellence in Internet Programming in the 30th & 31st Annual Telley Awards. Telly


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Astrocast.TV is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers as an Astronomy News Public Outreach. We accept donations from our viewers to help us off-set production and website costs.

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