The Earth From Space – 50 Years Since Yuri Gagarin Entered Space

Earth from space view
This is how the Earth looks like from space and very similar to what Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, saw. Credit: NASA

This 12th April it is 50 years since the first human entered space and returned safe and sound. Yuri Gagarin was the brave young man who made space exploration history. And it was again our home planet that fascinated first and foremost. What a spectacular view it must have been, and still is for that matter. The view Gagarin had is very similar to the image above and this very view resulted in the now famous words from Gagarin: “I see Earth! It is so beautiful!”

Yuri Gagarin is all over the news these days. He has been, and will even after this year’s anniversary, still be celebrated in the yearly ‘Yuri’s Night’.

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Modern times simulation (from ISS) of Gagarin’s view of Earth

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