Update on SpaceX COTS 2 Test Launch

Update on SpaceX COTS 2 Test Launch

SpaceX Press Release – May 19, 2012

Today’s COTS 2 Demonstration launch was aborted half a second before liftoff when the flight computer detected slightly high  ressure in the engine 5 combustion chamber. We have discovered root cause and repairs are underway.

Credit: SpaceX

During rigorous inspections of the engine, SpaceX engineers discovered a faulty check valve on the Merlin engine.  We are now in the process of replacing the failed valve.  Those repairs should be complete tonight.  We will continue to review data on Sunday.  If things look good, we will be ready to attempt to launch on Tuesday, May 22nd at 3:44 AM Eastern.

The next launch attempt will be webcast live at www.spacex.com.