Astrocast.TV Episode 12 – March 2009

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March 1, 2009 – Episode 12 – Check out Lori’s Blog for more links and coverage of IYA09.

Greg Redfern reports on a NASA’s Ares 1 and Ares V rockets scheduled to replace the Space Shuttle and take us back to the Moon. STEREO gives us a wider look at the Sun and at the same time.

Dr. Lori Feaga reports on European Southern Observatory in La Silla, Chile as it shows us the Carina Nebula seen like never before. IYA 09’s 100 Hours of Astronomy kicks off in April. Lori talks with Mike Simmons who will tell us all about it.

Katie Moore tells us all about the Constellation Orion and M 42. Download the printable Orion Star Chart PDF presented by Astrocast.TV and Tuba Software.

Dr. Geller tells answers a viewers question about the International Year of Astronomy 2009 or IYA 09

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