Earthquake Science in “The Ring of Fire”

Haiti Earthquake & Earthquake Science in “The Ring of Fire” –  We take a closer look at the science of Haiti earthquake of 12th February 2009 – as well as other earthquakes. For the first time here on GSGE we interview leading experts;

Prof. Timothy Dixon from Geodesy Lab at University of Miami: published an article already back in 1998 revealing the risks of earthquakes in Haiti. He works with both Paul Mann from University of Texas who in 2008 confirmed that the risks were eminent, and Eric Calais, Purdue University who manages the GPS network that monitor tectonic plate movements in Haiti. These three groups have sent geodesists with GPS equipment, while also maintaining a blog. See below.

Ass. Prof. William Hammond from University of Nevada in Reno: Explains how they use GPS to monitor plate movements – and earthquake swarms.

Dr. Amir Kaynia from the International Centre for Geohazards in Oslo, Norway: Talks about the difference between predictions and early warning and discuss other geohazards connected to earthquakes.

National Science Foundation’s GPS team blog from Haiti:

GEO’s Haiti Supersite. Collection of Haiti earthquake science information.

Eric Calais (responsible for the tectonic plate movements Haitian GPS network together with local Haitian authorities).

Haiti Earthquake at University of Miami or

Haiti Earthquake at University of Texas.
The International Centre for Geohazards: