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A Review of Red Supergiants, Their Properties and How We Know Them

In a review of the properties of red supergiants, to appear in an upcoming issue of New Astronomy Reviews, made available today online here, Dr. Emily Levesque of the University of Hawaii provides the reader with an in-depth view of a fascinating type of star more than 10 times the mass of our own Sun. While she manages to do so without any higher mathematics, she spares no details and provides the reader with, using her own words, a “look back at the latest advances in our understanding of RSG physical properties, beginning with the methods that must be used in order to photometrically and spectroscopically identify RSGs as massive stars in the Milky Way or other nearby galaxies.”

Supernovae Progenitors Identified with HST Help

Speaking of supernovae, in a paper in today’s Science journal, astronomers have announced that they have identified the progenitor of SN 2003gd and SN 1993J. The progenitors of both these supernovae are revealed to be red supergiants. This adds to the evidence about the nature of Type II supernovae, and helps confirm our theories of stellar evolution, or more properly, the development and death of stars. Read about how astronomers identified the progenitors of these two supernovae online now here.