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Classical Kuiper Belt Object Count Up By 11

In a paper to appear next year in the journal Icarus, astronomers announced the detection of 11 new objects called Classical Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO). I don’t doubt that sometime in the future, astronomers will debate the definitions of KBO and TNO (transneptunian object). Both KBOs and TNOs are celestial bodies that orbit the Sun (don’t call them planets now) beyond the orbit of Neptune. While some astronomers do not distinguish any difference between KBOs and TNOs, some do draw differences. Anyhow, these astronomers utilized the Spitzer Space Telescope to discover 11 new objects out in the region of the Kuiper Belt, that they refer to as Classical KBOs. They distinguish between KBOs and TNOs using color, size and albedo measurements. To learn more about these newly discovered Classical KBOs (in the terms used by these authors) see their pre-print online at http://xxx.lanl.gov/ftp/arxiv/papers/0812/0812.4290.pdf