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Our Night SkyA close look at our monthly night sky.

A Green Space A Green Earth

A Green Space - A Green Earth. Earth observation from Space.


The Astronomer's UniverseiImage

Learn what Astronomers are learning with The Astronomer's Universe.


Astrocast.TV is proud to be a Media Partner with the International Year of Astronomy 2009




Breaking New Ground - Winner of 4 Telly Awards


See also Spaceport America - "Runway Dedication" October 22, 23, 2010

History is once again being made in the New Mexico Desert!

Best seen full screen.

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For iPad or iPhone view ISPCS Documentry & Spaceport Runway Dedication Download MP4

Kathleen Koch & Chuck Roberts report from Las Cruces New Mexico and the International Symposium Personal & Commercial Spaceflight & the Spaceport America Runway Dedication

Their slogan is "Spaceflight for all Mankind".

Special Guests: